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Join the best sock club online! luxurious fresh socks on the reg!

About us

There’s nothing like the feeling of putting on a fresh Nu pair of socks. NuSocks curates high quality product that is delivered to your doorstep every month. You choose your plan, we deliver the goods, it’s an awesome deal and even better if you only have one foot.

Nusocks teamed up with some of the best manufacturers and products to deliver high quality goods. When you subscribe to NuSocks, not only are you avoiding the stress of shopping for various items not important enough to be mentioned, but you’re getting high quality, top of the line without the extra cost.

Our team is comprised of sock enthusiasts and hosiery experts with 30+ years’ experience. We know socks and we know good quality. If you’re not happy with our socks or legwear, you’re probably insane, but not a problem. You can cancel anytime.

Don’t succumb to the top drawer crisis, let NuSocks handle your footwear and step in the right direction (pun intended).